Thursday, March 18, 2010

Season re-cap

My racing "season" is over, for the most part. I have two more 5K's penciled on my calendar (Miami Corporate run and a Memorial Day 5K), but that's basically it. It's just too darned hot to race down here in the summer time!

In a word, my season was awesome! Between October and March, I ran five half-marathons, two 10K's, and two 5 K's. I ran almost every race faster than the year before, setting personal records in every distance and winning two first place age group awards (10K's). That's 5 finisher medals, 1 age group medal, 1 age group trophy and 9 t-shirts! Sweet.

I believe the primary success factor was maintaining a higher mileage base during the off season. My running group kept at a 12 mile long run base all summer. They were very SLOW and sweaty miles during mid-summer, but we kept 'em going. Ramping up in Fall's cooler weather was a snap in comparison to previous years when our long run distance dropped to 6-9 miles.

So the plan this year is - do the same thing! Keep up the mileage, keep cross training, stay strong, stay healthy (hopefully) and have fun. It won't be long before I start ramping up again for the Salmon Marathon in September!

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