Monday, January 18, 2010

Another weekend - another 10K

What a difference a week makes, indeed! Last Saturday, I ran a 10K in weather that was 40-something and rainy. For this Saturday's 10K it was mid-70's and sunny. And I thought Indiana weather was changeable. It was almost ... dare I say ... too warm? Nope, not going to say that!! I'll take hot over freezing ANY day!

I've run the Miramar 10K several times before. It's a small-ish neighborhood race, just 15 minutes west of our home. It was the first 10K I ever ran, back in 2001. I had been running for just a few months and it was my longest race to date. I remember the effort it demanded, and how delighted I was to NOT be last (there was one person behind me!). I placed second in my age group because, well, there were only two IN my age group. I finished in around 1:12, thrilled to make a 12 min per mile pace, and only dreaming of some day achieving a blazing speed of, maybe, 10 minute miles. Breaking one hour in a 10K was my ultimate goal. Good times.

Fast forward to 2010. After many more years of running and thousands of miles under my belt, er, feet, I am now reasonably confident that I won't finish last. The race has grown somewhat, but it still is relatively small. I had a great run, pushed at the end, and finished with a new 10K PR at 55:26! And it was good enough for first in my age group! (and yes, there was more than one in my age group) :-)

Two weeks, two 10Ks, two first place age group finishes. Hmm, I could get used to this! Call me shallow, but I really do like getting those shiny medals and trophies. I just hit a new age group in September, and I'm likin' it! You don't have to get faster necessarily, you just have to out-last everyone else .....

Our peak running season continues. Miami is in two weeks, a 5 K right after that, then another half in mid-February.

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