Sunday, January 3, 2010

I thought Florida was warm!

I've never posted in a blog before. I have to admit, this is a very cool idea, and an awesome way to stay updated on our mutual running progress! Even if she IS my big sister, I have to give Ruth credit for the idea! :-)

I kept a running log in 2009. I actually kept track of all my running mileage in a nice little Excel spreadsheet, along with my race times. A little OCD, you might think? Pshaw, I can stop any time I want to. I just don't want to .... In any case, I logged a grand total of 1257 miles in 2009. Wow. That's going to be challenging to beat this year! But, then, I do love a challenge ....

I've been trying to make up for lost mileage since returning from Indiana on Thursday. I had an easy (warm) 5 mile run on Friday morning, a chilly 5 miler on Saturday morning, and a downright cold 12 mile long run by Hollywood beach early this morning. 48 degrees just ain't normal for South Florida! The sunrise over the ocean was very beautiful though, and makes the half hour ride to the beach totally worthwhile every Sunday morning.

My running buddies are all on different race schedules. Some are training for Miami at the end of January, and several of our group is doing the Goofy next weekend. That is the Disney half marathon on Saturday followed by the Disney full marathon on Sunday. That's a marathon and a half in two days -- which sounds pretty Goofy to me! My next race is a 10K in a couple of weeks, followed by the Miami half marathon on Jan 31. Our race season here is in full swing!

Happy running ....

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