Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Run (or Slog)

Wow....had the Sunday run with the GGRR (Glacier Grizzly Road Runners) running group. We had our usual assortment of humans and canine companions. (Humans - 6; Dogs - 4).

Distance: 4 miles Time: 58 min (!)
Conditions: Temp around 36 degrees. Melting snow covered with icy slush.

Slowest and shortest run of the year. I didn't know whether I was running, or ice skating, or just slogging along....

But, the usual fun recounting our Christmas adventures, discussing the latest books (Guilty pleasures --- reading the "Twilight" series), and planning upcoming runs.

Good news: tomorrow my husband and I leave for a week in Hawaii. A week of running in shorts! No ice!!

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