Saturday, January 2, 2010

Running for fun 2010

My sister, MB, and I, had a great run this past week. Normally, our runs are separated by thousands of miles ---- she lives in Florida and I live in Montana. But, this run took place in Indiana, our birthplace, and the spot where our family converges for the holidays.

Like most runners, we started talking about races we've done, races we'd like to do, and plans for the upcoming year. And soon the conversation turned to marathon training. At one point, MB asked, "Are you going to do the Salmon marathon this year? If you are, I might do it, too."

So, we immediately start talking logistics --- training plans, travel, how to cope with Florida heat, hill training........ The birth of an idea.

And, what better way to keep us going than to do a mutual blog about our training this year. The marathon isn't until September, and we've got lots of miles to cover between now and then. So, without consulting MB, I've created this blog and thought I'd send it out to see what she'd like to contribute.

Mostly though, we're running for fun (and also the goal of fitting into our skinny jeans....)

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