Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Should I ... or not?

Peer pressure. That's what it is.

Several of my running friends haven't even recovered from the brutal Disney conditions (freezing temps, gusty winds, and sleet - in Florida!!), but they are already talking about registering for the Jan 2011 Goofy. Dear hubby Jeff absolutely thinks I should go for it - he wants those medals! (My usual reply: then YOU run it! - spoken lovingly, of course)

But ... after having trained similarly to my friends this year, just not quite as long, I think I COULD do it, if I wanted to. The question is, how bad do I want to? Running the Salmon marathon in September would set me up nicely to continue Goofy training for January. Yet - I bailed out of my Sunday 14 miler half way because it was 45 degrees and gusty-windy COLD. Wimp. Should I commit to 39.3 miles?

I'll let you know!

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